Hall of Frames 


Oh yeah the Fatboy. It's not heavy. It rides well in almost all situations and no it doesn't have a motor.... [read more]

Look 695 with Electronic Di2 Shifting

This bike belongs to one of the sales reps we deal with. This is a 2011 Look 695 frame built from scratch with all the latest components. Look Integrated cranks, Profile wheels, but most noteable, the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 electronic gear shifting. Th... [read more]

Gary Fisher Montare 1987 Restore/Rebuild Project

The old bike PRE strip down and rebuild/restore. The Seatpost was seized in the frame, the BB was seized in the frame, and the Headset was seized in the frame. Then we took to it with an acid bath and dropped it to Taupo Smash Repairs f... [read more]

Intense Uzzi

Intense Uzzi VP. A pedaling platform with 7 inches of travel. To date this is the only Black Uzzi we know of in the country... The new owner rides it to its limits and has no problems hitting big drops. The bike is hand made in America and it shows. ... [read more]

QRoo Typhoon

This Qroo Typhoon has done a couple of NZ Ironman several half ironmen and a few more multisport. The bike weighs in under 8kg with race wheels. It is full Titanium. There are only a handful of these frames in NZ.... [read more]

Litespeed Siena

This Litespeed Siena frame was built up with Topolino wheels and full Ultegra on a budget... This bike is a beautiful looking and high performance road bike built up for a sponsored athlete for a training/racing road bike. If you would like to know m... [read more]

Ridley Dean 09

This Ridley Dean TT Bike was built up at Ironman 09 by Top Gear Cycles for a gentelman who had been knocked off his bike two days out. Full Sram Red and the Zipp Disc wheel make this bike a great bike for the course. The bike would be worth around $1... [read more]

Crux Cyclecross Tourer

We think this bike is Hall of Frames Status as everyone who visited the store while it was here liked it. It is a cyclecross bike built up spceifcally for cycle touring the the new owner got us to kit is out with Ortlieb panniers, Mudguards and front... [read more]

S Works Shiv

This beautiful S-Works Shiv we built up needed to utilise the customers existing disc for 10speed. Everyone said it couldn't be done.  We did it and the customer was stoked.... [read more]

S works Epic

The 2013 S-Works epic we have 1 X 11'd it with a great weight saving:... [read more]