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2021 Epic Expert

2021 Epic Expert

Question 1: What is different from the 2020 Epic to the 2021?

Answer: Last year I had the Epic Evo with 120mm of travel. My newer Expert Epic 100mm travel feels more controlled and I feel more confident all the time without compromising the uphills. The acceleration is noticeably faster too.   

Question 2: Why did you go to the Epic and not the EVO?

Answer: I like the colour and I like going fast everywhere. The new brain technology is awesome.

Question 3: Is it lighter?

Answer: It is within 100 grams lighter but weight doesn't make the bike ride better.

Question 4: Who should buy this bike?

Answer: Anyone who has had an epic or epic evo should buy the epic. Those who haven't or want more downhill capability should think about the evo.

Question 5: From your mechanical side what are the best parts about your new epic?

Answer: It has more reliability and free servicing on the brain shock for 2 years. It has a universal derailleur hanger from SRAM. 

Question 6: Why is it different from any other bike?

Answer: It has the best storage capability (SWAT) for storing two water bottles, tools and spares for any race/ride issues.