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Plummet Industries presents Plummet Vertical 3 Bike Rack Systems.

These exceptional vertical bike racks are for the discerning cyclist who wishes to haul multiple bikes damage free having fast loading and unloading capability with unparalleled safety features.


Unparalleled features below.

  • Fully adjustable rear wheel baskets and basket bar.
    • Can fit large 29er bike to kids 20” without purchasing extra components
  • Bungy and strop mounting options (strop option additional)
  • Lockhoff 2000 locking pin ensures your pride and joy never falls off even if the bungy or strop fails
  • Full y electro-galvanised and powder coated satin black components for additional corrosion resistance. Custom colours available on request.
  • 2 piece installation making it easy to install solo.
  • All Allen head bolts including tow bar box section. Reduces play and chance of theft.
  • Coupling nut bolts up tow bar tongue for less play.
  • 2 position tilt back.
  • PVC coated basket tubes stops damage to rims, fully compatible with road bikes, bmx’s without additional tapping.
  • Multiple position tow bar tongue box for additional adjustment.
  • Garage stand option, transforms the Plummet bicycle haulage system into a bicycle storage system, $185.
  • Generous 350mm Basket spacing allows for more varied bike fit on rack with less chance of bike damage.