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Motor parts and bearings, including overhaul kits and crank kits for Bosch, Brose, Yamaha and Impulse motors

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Gaskets and Bearing upgrades
Bearing Replacement
Bearing Replacement
Gaskets and Bearing upgrades
Bearing Replacement
Bearing Replacement

What We Do

At Top Gear Cycles we are now offering you the ability to inspect and fix your out of warranty motor.* Do you have a noisy or rumbly motor bearing? We have bearing upgrade kits for most of the main motor manufactuers in stock.

What we offer?

Visual internal inspection of your motor before work begins
Professional workman ship and comunication during any work done
Bearing and seal upgrades on BROSE and BOSCH motors.
All motor work will be supported by our quality assurance gaurantee for 3 months after the work is done. 
*(Variation to this time is subject to conditions)
Vist the Service page on our website for prices and service bookings.

Repair & Overhaul

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Once we have the motor we expect a 7-10 working day turn around.

Full Overhaul
On Bosch and Brose Motors this includes bearing, seals and gasket upgrades. Call us for more information

Brose Upgarde
Performance Line Bearing Kits include an extra seal on the crankshaft bearing as well as upgraded metalbody sprag clutch.

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3 Month Warranty


Over 50 Years Experience


Do you have any questions?

My motor is making a squealing noise and I've lost power?

On the Brose Motor this can be a sign that the drive belt has broken. We have belt kits for all the main motors.

My motor isn't as free to pedal as it use to be?

The biggest issue on most motors is water ingress into the bearings and motor. If left for any period of time these bearings will seize and motor performance will decline. 

I've completely lost power?

Unfortunately if there are any electrical issues either from water corroding the motherboard, or water getting into the main motor coil, we are unable to help here. What are offering is to replace the beaings in motor.

How do I know if my motor needs a service?

Modern Bicycle motors are wonderful things and in a majority of cases give the owner trouble free riding. If you have submerged the bike, or the bike has been subjected to prolonged water pressure. You can expect that water will find its way into places you wouldn't expect and will present you with some problems. If the motor has lost performance, or the smoothness has gone in the pedal stroke. These can be indicators that your motor is due a service.