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Cold Forged Aluminum options that are compatible with many e-Bike motors like Bosch, Yamaha, Brose, Fazua and even alloy versions for Specialized ISIS and M30 “SL” motors.  See spec below for full compatibility and options.

  • ISIS spline set optimized for Bosch/Yamaha, will work on Brose/Fazua-R50/TQ motors
  • Left and Right arm set, cold forged aluminium
  • 8mm AL main crank bolt for install/self- extract, 50Nm torque
  • Weight - 485g
  • These cranks do NOT install on Bosch "Micro-ISIS" or "Square Taper" spindle motors
  • Visually check your Specialized motor spindle type. The standard Levo/Kenevo/Como/Vado have an ISIS spindle. The "SL" Levo/Kenevo/Creo or Vado SL family use the M30/SL eCrank armsets.

For more information head to the Praxis website.