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The HSF BTA takes a minimalist approach to providing the maximum versatility for a between the arms (BTA) bottle mount. It offers improved positioning versatility, better retention and the ability to mount a Garmin computer above the bottle*. The low weight, high retention, setback mount point and integrated computer mount give everything you need and nothing you don't. 

  • Mount offset so the center point of the bottle bolts can sit well behind the attachment point, allowing the cage/bottle to be set further back on aerobars that would otherwise force the bottle forward to the point where it is inaccessible
  • Slightly dropped "V" shape helps center it between the extensions and reduce the risk of the bottle interfering with narrow armrest positions
  • The mount accommodates a greater range of extension widths than previous models
  • Wahoo Elemnt compatible - with the purchase of a aftermarket adapter

*Garmin Computer / water bottle not included.