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The question TRP asked themselves was this: How do we adapt our braking performance and power to the new standard of World-Cup level downhill racing? 

The result was a completely re-designed DH-R: the new DH-R EVO. A new ergonomic lever-blade, newly formulated brake pad compounds, new high-performance hydraulic oil, new 5 mm brake hose-system, newly designed and CNC-machined adapters, new selection of 2.3 rotors, newly designed oil flow inside the callipers, new hydraulic leverage ratio, and a smaller size master cylinder piston lift the overall performance of the DH-R EVO to this new standard of racing. 


• Forged, CNC machined and polished lever body 
• Ergonomic lever blade 
• Dimpled accents for better grip on the trail 
• Advanced 9mm internal brake lever piston 
• Adjustable lever reach 
• Alloy master cylinder cap 
• Hinged lever clamp 


• Forged, CNC machined and polished calliper 
• New high flow design 
• Hybrid pistons 
• High performance resin pad compound 
• CNC machined and marked adapters 


• 2.3mm thick rotors 
• Compatible with 223/220/203/180/160/140mm rotors 


• 5mm hydraulic brake hose 
• High performance hydraulic brake fluid 
• Weight: 310 grams (Front without rotor and adapter)