Meet the Crew


Ryan’s passion for bikes is insurmountable. He started off in the XC scene and now is in the big leagues (Wednesday Beer Rides). You’ll see Ryan in shop most days, or on the trail. Looking for upgrade or want to chat about the latest products coming out, Ryan will bike nerd with you.    


Sam is our admin guru/buyer. Sam's day to day includes ordering stock, paperwork and keeping the boys in check. She enjoys casual rides on her ebike and customizing bikes.
 Chat to Sam about all things clothing and getting some color added to your bike!


Clayton - The Professor. Yes his Strava name is “ The Professor”, and there is a reason behind it. ANYTHING E-bike related Clayton is your man. Clayton can help you out with all your bike questions and local rides.


Nigel is an absolute legend when it comes to bikes. He has been on the tools for over 30 years and still has a massive heart for getting people on their bike. Nigel is a smooth operator on and off the bike. He’s got your back when you think something is unfixable.


Austin still has his training wheels on (for now), with Nigel helping him to become a legend on the tools. When Austin isn’t at school you’ll catch him in the shop or on local trails shredding.


Ted is no stranger to Top Gear Cycles and has recently rejoined the team. Ted has over 25 years experience in the bike industry and has been in Taupo for 12 years. He also has experience in bicycle tours, having run his own touring company, Tread Routes - so he’s your man when you’re looking to try some new trails! Ted is joining Nigel in the workshop and will be looking after your bikes, using his years of experience and knowledge to service them to the highest standard.