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Both sides of a Brose carbon fibre drive belt must be liberally lubricated with “technical” Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline). Failure to do this will result in high wear and temperature of the belt and can lead to excessive noise.

Technical Vaseline, is a non corrosive mixture of oils and long chain non-polar hydrocarbons, but generally thicker than pharmaceutical Vaseline. The low melting point of this product ensures re-lubrication should the belt become dry and begin to heat up.

Best applied with a small brush (an old toothbrush is ideal).

PLEASE NOTE: Not to be used on the Brose Polymer drive belt fitted to some models from 2021. The Polymer belt should be fitted dry. A Polymer drive belt will have a shiny, brownish looking back, with a slippery feel.
Tip: Do not over bend a Polymer belt.