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The Basil Bloom Field double pannier bag is suitable for mounting on the back of a woman`s bicycle and stands out with its cheerful print.

You can have a cheerful and trendy double bicycle bag on the back of your bicycle rack by choosing Basil Bloom Field. Did you know this bag is made from recycled PET plastic? How about the fact that the sustainable pannier is also waterproof (IPX3)? It can hold all your groceries or other shopping needs with its capacity of 28 to 35 litres. The Bloom Field Pannier has a fully lined inner and includes a water-resistant folding clasp. It prevents rainwater from seeping into the bicycle bag. These handy features allow you to take groceries and other items with you and keep them dry.

You can easily attach the Basil Bloom Field double bag to your carrier with the Universal Bridge system. This Universal Bridge system allows you to decide on how you want to attach the bag. You can attach it with the pre-mounted straps. You can even combine it with the Basil DBS system (removable carrier plates) or MIK adapter plates. Both of these systems must be purchased separately. Do you have much heavier stuff in your bag? Then you can combine the bag with the Basil Distance Holder (sold separately). This holder prevents the bag from getting into the spokes of your bike.


  • The waterproof double-bicycle bag is ideal for grocery shopping and stands out with a cheerful sky blue colour.
  • The bag has a zipper and an additional Velcro closure.
  • You'll always be visible to other people in traffic due to the reflectors on all sides.