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The Basil Grand Tarpaulin makes shopping and other errands a joy. Stylish and luxurious looking in black, it is made from strong tarpaulin material and has a large main compartment with a padded (laptop) pocket. With a total capacity of 23 litres, it is an ideal companion for study or office work. The Basil Grand Tarpaulin has a so-called doctor's closure, giving it an extra-wide opening. It attaches to a bicycle's luggage rack with Basil's Hook On system. By securing the handles using the loop on the logo, they are prevented from flapping around.

  • Feet keep the bag stable when it is put on the ground
  • Extra large doctor's closure style opening
  • Equipped with comfortable handles
  • Made of strong tarpaulin
  • Extra-large capacity of 23 litres