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Would you like to combine several MIK accessories? Perhaps a dog bike basket and double panniers? Or a basket or trunk bag in combination with double panniers? This is possible with the MIK double decker! This adapter plate can be mounted on the bridge of your MIK panniers. The benefit of this is that you can mount another MIK accessory on top of it. 
You can mount the double-decker insert in two ways: straight on the bridge of the MIK bag with the pre-mounted MIK adapter plate or 4 centimetres to the rear to create more space behind the saddle. 


  • You easily mount the MIK Double Decker on the bridge of double MIK panniers with a pre-mounted MIK adapter plate.
  • With this clever item, you can take more accessories with you on your bike.
  • The MIK Double Decker is adjustable by 4 centimetres to the rear, which provides more space behind the bicycle saddle.