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MIK stands for Mounting is Key, a click-on, click-off, lockable system from Basil which makes mounting and switching a wide range of cycling accessories quick and easy. The MIK system fits almost any luggage carrier and is suitable for both bikes and e-bikes.

The pre-assembled MIK Adapter Plate can be used to attach and remove bicycle bags, baskets and panniers in less than one second. Accessories can be easily and securely clicked into place on any carrier that bears either integrated MIK profiles or a MIK Carrier Plate (sold separately, see below). The included lock and key helps protect accessories against theft. The MIK Adapter Plate is designed to be used with luggage carriers which have MIK profiles already integrated. For bikes or e-bikes without integrated MIK profiles, the MIK Carrier Plate (sold separately, see below), which is easily mounted on a luggage carrier, can be used instead.

  • For use with bikes already fitted with MIK profiles or upgraded with the MIK Carrier Plate (sold separately, see below)
  • Fits a wide range of compatible accessories including bags, panniers and baskets
  • Once the MIK system is fitted, accessories can be simply clicked on and off
  • Includes a lock and key for added security

The MIK Carrier Plate is ideal for upgrading a bicycle frame to accommodate the MIK system. The carrier plate allows the user to attach or remove any accessory fitted with an MIK Adapter Plate in as little as one second.

  • Suitable for luggage carriers with a width of 100-170mm
  • Can be used on the carriers of conventional and electric bike frames
  • Designed to be used with accessories that have been fitted with MIK Adapter Plates
  • Bikes already fitted with integrated MIK systems including carrier plate do not need to upgrade with this accessory

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