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The EasyPack from BBB is a high-end saddlebag with top of the line materials and features. It is perfect for storing an extra tube, some levers, a CO2 cartridge etc. The inside liner is light blue to make it easier to find items. This pack comes in three different sizes: S, M and L.

  • Blue interior, for optimal visibility of the contents
  • Elastic strap and inside pocket for easy organization of cargo (M and L sizes)
  • Lockable waterproof zipper for extra security and rattle-free riding
  • LED tail light mounting strap
  • Hook and loop dual strap system for easy installation and removal
  • Rubber seat post strap for extra stability and to prevent damage to lycra shorts and the seat post
  • Large size bag is divided into two compartments. The top compartment is perfect for storing a wallet, keys or documents
  • Sizes: S (0.64 litres, 13cm x 7 cm); M (0.99 litres, 14.5cm x 8cm); L (1.44 litres, 16cm x 9 cm)