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Bone Collection Bike Tie 4 Smartphone Holder Black
This Silicone bike tie mounts to all handlebar sizes and enables you to fit any smartphone from 4.7'' to 7.2'' in size. The scratchproof and stretchable material is perfect for protecting your smartphone from any damage - especially as the soft silicone material absorbs any bumps along your ride. It's really easy to attach, and it fits to anything that has a bar, such as bicycles, baby strollers and shopping trolleys.


  • Fits smartphones from 4.7'' to 7.2''
  • Tight and non-slip - Phone stays locked into holders under movement
  • Face ID / Touch ID compatible 
  • Silicon construction
  • Lightweight
  • Fits all handlebar stems
  • Silicone is dirt resistant and washable
  • Simply attach to handlebar and pull strap tight until desired size is chosen
  • Black