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The Super Record Wireless encompasses state-of-the-art wireless shifting technology which sets a new benchmark in precision and ensures seamless interaction between rider and bike.

True to Campagnolo’s ‘Dream Bigger’ ethos which is centered around ingenuity and standing out from the crowd, this innovative and special groupset is produced from the highest-specification carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum to provide maximum functionality at a minimal weight.

Having been developed in collaboration with athletes and engineers at the AG2R Citroën Team, the Super Record Wireless is available now and comprizes the following pioneering components:

Features & benefits

  • Redesigned body lever shape utilizes extra grip and cushioning for enhanced riding comfort
  • Ergonomically shaped brake levers provide improved control and a more efficient braking experience
  • New shifting experience with one lever - one action functionality
  • Battery status LED light provides clear feedback

Features & benefits

  • Temperature control system to avoid excessive heating and the need for an additional cooling fin
  • Patented rotor profile resulting in a sleek, anti-cutting surface
  • Refined design provides instinctive modulation, progressive feel and greater reliability

Features & benefits

  • ULTRA-TORQUE System implemented for maximum power transmission efficiency
  • High durability bottom bracket featuring a dust-proof PRO-TECH patented external protective seal
  • Instant responsivity courtesy of a titanium axle and unidirectional carbon fiber crankarms (available in 165, 170, 172.5 and 175mm)
  • Quick fit rear derailleur produced from technopolymer

Features & benefits

  • Magnetic charging ports on front and rear derailleurs for quick and secure connection. One standard port for both components
  • Fast charging times; 90% charge in 45 minutes and full charge in just 60 minutes
  • Long lasting charge with 750km battery range
  • Ability to charge both on and off the bike
  • LED battery status interface which is highly visible in all conditions

Features & benefits

  • Three sets (front 50-34, 48-32 and 45-29 and rear 10-25, 10-27 and 10- 29) and improved gear ratio combinations to deliver unrivaled cadence and optimal tempo
  • Smoother shifting experience courtesy of new teeth geometry designed on the chain path
  • N3W standard freewheel body
  • 10T cog
  • 2x 12 speed crankset

4 Each of the Super Record Wireless’s components have been completely redesigned and produced to the very highest standard by Campagnolo’s expert team of engineers, resulting in a premium groupset which sets a whole new benchmark in performance.

As well as being super reliable and stylish, it is a groupset which has been developed with dedicated riders in mind, with every component designed to be as easy and efficient as possible to use, providing the ultimate riding experience.

Campagnolo’s Super Record Wireless is being offered on numerous top-end models and is the perfect addition to your own dream bike as well.