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The IN-Route High Rise Stem was designed to achieve a rider’s ideal position without the need of excessive spacers. This stem can provide 43.5 – 49mm of stack and does so by increasing the stack height of the stem’s steerer clamp and a positive stem angle.

Hidden hoses and wires are the name of the game when it comes to the modern bicycle and the expectations of the rider. ENVE's IN-Route System is designed to hide hoses and wires from the wind, improving the bike's aero performance with a practical and user-friendly solution. This doesn't come at the expense of limiting drivetrain options - the RD, AR, and GRVL IN-Route forks, bars, stems, spacer, and headset options are compatible with most drivetrain brands, models, and configurations on the market.

As a complete system, IN-Route provides a variety of headset, stem, fork, and one-piece bar/stem combos to get the right fit for any frame material or rider size. Similarly, the headset components and spacer design simplify stack adjustment. These features make IN-Route a complete top to bottom solution for cable/hose integration.

2023 ENVE Aero In-Rout Stem A

2023 ENVE Aero In-Route Stem B


LENGTH: 80mm - 130mm
WEIGHT: 188g (120mm)
ANGLE: +12°
MATERIALS: Carbon Fibre with Aluminium Face Plate and Titanium Hardware
INCLUDED: (3) 10mm Spacers (2) 5mm Spacers (1) 10mm Bypass Spacer

2023 ENVE Aero In-Route Installation