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RAY 2100 is born for challenge with a long reach spotlight and a close floodlight combined, lighting up the way forward for you. Equipped with two super bright and power efficient LEDs, with a maximum verified output of 2,100lumens, carpeting the entire frontal section with no sharp edge nor hot spots. Powered by two customized 18650 6,700mAh rechargeable battery, maximum runtime up to 27 hours, making RAY 2100 a long lasting night cycling light.

There are two smart chips integrated in the RAY 2100. A brightness sensor monitors ambient light to adjust light output accordingly. During daytime, light's output automatically switches to dual beam with 40lumens.When entering a tunnel or dark comes, light's output automatically switches to original setting within seconds. And an integrated vibration sensor detects the end of the ride and switches the light off automatically after 3 minutes. Any further movement will turn the light back on.

With USB-C fast charging and discharging port, the RAY 2100 will act as a super power bank for your devices like phone, computer and GoPro. Large area silicone up-down buttons for direct operation, which also acts as a remaining battery indicator. Compatible with all Garmin quarter lock style handlebar/helmet/out-front mounts. Besides, purchasing the optional Micro Remote for directly control from the handlebar.

Together with RAY 2100, exploring the infinite possibilities and freedom of cycling.


  • Equipped with two high-power LEDs, max output 2,100 LM.
  • Unique combination of long reach spot light and a close flood light.
  • Micro remote for ease of operation (Purchase separately).
  • The intelligent brightness sensor scans the ambient light in real time.
  • The integrated vibration sensor detects the end of a ride and automatically turns off the light. Any further movement will turn the light back on.
  • Up-down buttons with accurate battery display.
  • Lock function avoid misoperation.
  • Powered by two 18650 integrated batteries with 6,700mAh super high capacity.
  • USB-C fast charging and discharging.
  • Internal thermal management ensure consistent high output.
  • IPX6 rating, heavy rain resistant, all weather proof.
  • Universal Garmin quad lock style mount, easy to put on and take off.

What's in the Box?

  • RAY 2100 x 1
  • Remote Control x 1
  • Handlebar mount x 1
  • Silicone strap x 4
  • USB-C cable x 1
  • 3mm hex x 1