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Our newest addition to the ODI line brings a welcome facelift to our iconic Ruffian Mini Lock-On grip. Constructed of our proprietary Soft Compound TPE material and featuring our legendary Ruffian diamondized pattern, and an updated 110mm length, these grips provide exceptional feedback and control.

The addition of the new v2.1 Single-Clamp Lock-On system makes installation a breeze and ensures that your grips stay put no matter what the conditions. They come in five awesome colors to fit every riders needs. They also have a new small flange that protects hands without interfering with handlebar controls.

  • Diamondized pattern for optimal traction

  • Ultra thin profile (29.5mm OD)

  • NEW smaller flange

  • v2.1 Lock-On Grip System = 100% Slip Free performance

  • Soft reinforced ends

  • 110mm Full Length Grip