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Rear wheel-specific tyre with a special tread pattern engineered for traction and braking grip - the perfect rear tyre for trail. Medium profile tread pattern for quick and confident riding over a variety of terrains. The Scorpion™ E-MTB M with HyperWALL and SmartGRIP+ technologies is the best choice for trail riding where terrain can vary but speed is still the key factor


What's the secret to our tyres? Let's take a look at some of the motorsport-derived technologies applied to our cycling tyres


Decades of victories in Motocross and Rally competitions around the world led our engineers to the development of a new innovative rubber formulation: the SmartGRIP Compound for the Scorpion™ MTB which blends together opposite features:

Tear resistance for the maximum mechanical grip on dry and wet surfaces together with the maximum resistance against punctures;
Chemical grip on wet terrain for unconditional riding in any kind of weather;
The SmartGRIP Compound is the result of an extensive process of research and development that led us to absolute performances in either dry and wet conditions. We chose a single compound formulation in order to achieve the most consistent performances throughout the entire lifespan of the tyre even when the knobs start to wear off


The HyperWALL is a new e-MTB specific casing that enhances the handling and the puncture protection at low inflation pressure which are key features of an off-road tyre dedicated to gravity and e-MTB. This new construction is directly derived from the experience of Pirelli in Motocross: it features a thick rubber insert tightly connected to the bead with a layer of fabric which increases the stability of the bead itself (+10%) and protecting the tyre from pinch flats by 50%. The result is a level of stability and solidity comparable with downhill-specific tyres without their typical weight. The HyperWALL casing is then capable of handling the torque and the weight loads of modern e-bikes for an unparalleled riding experience

Scorpion™ E-MTB R HyperWALL Size 65-584 / Weight 1230gm / TPI 60 / Casing HyperWALL / Compound SMARTGRIP COMPOUND

Scorpion™ E-MTB R HyperWALL Size 65-622 / Weight 1315gm / TPI 60 / Casing HyperWALL / Compound SMARTGRIP COMPOUND

Scorpion™ E-MTB R HyperWALL Size 70-584 / Weight 1250gm / TPI 60 / Casing HyperWALL / Compound SMARTGRIP COMPOUND