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These Turbine handlebars are the most advanced aluminum handlebars ever produced by Race Face. After five years in development, they’ve seen more than 4,000 hours of field testing and we can confidently say we have an answer to arm pump and hand fatigue. These Turbine bars allow you to ride harder, faster and longer, bringing consistent compliance to every width and rise, for every rider. 

All in the shape.
The new Turbine was fully redesigned, narrowing the stem clamp area to allow both a quicker taper and an earlier rise to hit our meticulously researched Goldilocks (GL) tune. GL tune is the sweet spot for compliance preferred by most riders; stiffer was too harsh, softer was too flexible. 

Less trimming, More comfort.
Trimming bars makes them stiffer and ultimately, less comfortable. Instead of making only 800mm lengths and expecting riders to cut them down, we made six alloy bars for your size and rise, all hitting our GL tune for reduced fatigue. 

Optimus alloy.
We used extremely precise aluminum engineering to optimize the flex profile of every Turbine bar variant. That meant changing the position, degree and rate of wall thickness variation, what we call internal butting. The result is a compliant bar with very high strength. 

Arm pump stands no chance.
Turbine is Race Face’s alloy answer to arm pump and hand fatigue. You can trust in Turbine to ride from dawn ‘til dusk and enjoy a consistently compliant feel in every width and every rise. Available in seven colors to customize your cockpit. And of course, Turbine is covered by our Lifetime Warranty, crashes included. 


  • Bar Diameter: 35mm
  • Bar Rise: 10mm, 20mm, 40mm
  • Bar Width: 760mm, 780mm, 800mm
  • Bend (DEG): 8°
  • Upward Sweep (DEG): 5°
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum
  • Weight (800mm x 40mm): 315g Max
  • Stem Clamp Width: 60mm (not compatible with wider stems, like Direct Mount stems)

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