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The Wolf Tooth Quick Release Seatpost Clamp allows for easy saddle height adjustments. An ergonomic lever on the side of the clamp opens and closes the clamp, which is held together by a bolt with a bronze bushing that lets the rider set the torque. It is friendly with carbon, steel, alloy, and titanium frames.

Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum in our Minneapolis facility, the Wolf Tooth Quick Release Seatpost Clamp is available in six sizes and a variety of anodized colors.

  • Bronze bushing for smooth lever action

  • Low-profile ergonomic lever

  • Stainless steel bolt with spherical washer

  • CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum

  • Secure, precise clamping


Clamping Diameter:

  • 34.9mm/35mm

  • 38.6mm/39mm

Frames may vary slightly from the nominal diameters due to tolerances and paint thickness. Clamps will fit on frames that are within +/- 0.5mm of specified size. For example, a 34.9mm clamp will fit frames with a seat tube measuring from 34.4mm to 35.4mm in diameter.

Clamping height: 13.5mm

Not compatible with Ibis carbon bike frames.

Contact us to discuss ordering sizes not listed here.


  • For steel and aluminum frames apply a thin layer of grease to the inside of the clamp. For carbon frames adhere to manufacturer recommendations.

  • The slot in the clamp should align with slot in frame tube. Ensure the inner lip of the clamp is fully nested onto the seat tube.

  • Tighten seat post clamp bolt with QR lever in closed position with 4 mm hex wrench per manufacture frame specs. Do not exceed 6 Nm torque.

  • Once the clamp is correctly tighten simply use the lever to release and clamp for seat height adjustments.


Weight: 34.9mm • 36.5g | 38.6mm • 37.5g
Material: 6061 T6 aluminum, M5 stainless steel bolt with integrated washer
Tool interface: 4mm hex key
Torque spec: 6 Nm Max
Made in the USA