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Wera 2go 2 XL Tool Container

The Wera 2go 2 XL Tool Container with extra low-profile compartments, with its hook and loop fastener system and its compactness, is the ideal solution for individual and convenient tool transport. The inner and outer hook and loop fastener zones provide extremely high flexibility and space utilization.

This fits an incredible amount of tools in and on the container. Wera 2go 2 makes for light luggage, because only the essential tools are taken. The robust and sturdy material protects the enclosed tools from damage and moisture, and increases the service life of the tool container. The padded and adjustable wide belt and the close-fitting position of the container provide a comfortable fit.

The hands remain free during transport. Including one Wera 2go 4 holder with individually adjustable hook and loop fastener divider for screwdrivers and other tools. Four of these holders can be stowed effortlessly.


  • Wera 2go 2 XL Tool Container with extra low-profile compartments for e.g. the Wera 2go 4 Tool Quivers
  • Individually configurable for greater mobility
  • Ideal also for the docking of Wera textile boxes and pouches equipped with hook and loop fastener zones
  • Easily packed and cleared outHands remain free during Transport