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Wera Zyklop Speed Ratchets

Zyklop ratchet with 1/4" drive. The fine toothing with 72 teeth allows for a low return angle of 5°. The ratchet head swivels freely and can be locked in any position using the slide switch on both sides. Unproblematic working with plenty of hand space even in very narrow or difficult-to-reach installation situations. The pre-defined positions at 0°, 15° and 90° to the left and right guarantee safe working without the ratchet head slipping. In the 0° position, the ratchet with adapter and bit can be used like a conventional screwdriver. The flywheel design helps accelerate the screwdriving process. The rotationally symmetrical design of the Kraftform handle and the fast-rotating sleeve support rapid turning. Thanks to the shape of the Kraftform handle being perfectly adapted to the hand, hand injuries such as blisters and calluses are avoided. The hard materials used for the handle guarantee quick hand switching without the risk of the skin "sticking" to the handle. The softer, "non-slip" zones offer transmission of high forces without loss. For 1/4" square head socket wrench inserts as well as 1/4" connectors with square head drive, with ball lock.


  • Fine-tooth design allows a small return angle of 5°
  • Freely pivoting ratchet head, push button release and left/right switchover
  • Flywheel design and easy-to-grip free-turning sleeve for very high working speeds
  • The Wera Zyklop Speed ratchet combines the advantages of five different types of ratchet in one. And it is a really fast mover
  • Can also be used as a screwdriver