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With a big boost in power, the Link Plus Mk2 is the perfect single unit commuter light.  Whilst other lights can be obscured from view by traffic and other distractions this 360-degree visibility beacons mounted high up on the helmet gives you the advantage of being noticed first. And with the option of our DayBright pulse pattern you can make sure you are seen, day or night.

Output:                                                300 lumens front, 50 lumens rear (Measured)
Weight:                                                77grams
Burntime:                                            Min 3 hrs Max 32 hrs flash
Battery Capacity:                              2600 mAh Li ion
Dimensions (mm):                           Length - 105, Head - 29, Back – 27
LED:                                                      1x XPG3, 1x XPE-R

In the Box: Link Mk2, Helmet Mount, Micro USB Charge Cable, QS Guide

  • DayBright (text on pg2)
  • Optimum Mode Selector (text on pg2)
  • Cable Free Design (text on pg2)
  • Intelligent Thermal Management (text on pg2)
  • Smart Port Technology + (text on pg2)
  • Fuel Gauge (text on pg2)
  • Micro USB charging
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Made in the UK