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Pirelli expands the P ZERO™ family with the introduction of the most comprehensive and all-round tyre, a tube-type clincher tyre with the EVO Compound and TechBELT carcass for excellent puncture protection, plus special features for reliability and comfort, whilst still coming in at a low weight. P ZERO™ ROAD aims to be the perfect solution for those riders who are looking for balanced performance.



What's the secret to our tyres? Let's take a look at some of the motorsport-derived technologies applied to our cycling tyres


The road-specific EVO Compound is a chemical formulation developed for the maximum versatility: good rolling resistance, optimal wet grip and good durability. The EVO Compound was born from the combination of opposite characteristics making it a good compromise for those looking for a versatile racing tyre. EVO Compound is an exclusive feature of the P ZERO™ range

P ZERO™ Road Size 24-622 / Weight 215gm / TPI 120 / Casing TechBELT Road / Compound EVO

P ZERO™ Road Size 26-622 / Weight 215gm / TPI 120 / Casing TechBELT Road / Compound EVO

P ZERO™ Road Size 28-622 / Weight 215gm / TPI 120 / Casing TechBELT Road / Compound EVO

The performance, safety, comfort and reliability of your road bike depend on the tyres you use. That is why it is important to choose road bike tyres very carefully.

Road bike tyres are specifically designed for riding on tarmac, on both the dry and wet. There are various types, which have significant differences depending on the specific use and the performance required. There are even models that have different weights and sizes to choose from.

Road bike tyres should be lightweight, to offer optimal performance whichever conditions you find yourself cycling in. Wider road bike tyres offer better performance and comfort because they have a larger contact patch. Sizes can be expressed in millimeters, with two values indicating the width of the tyre and diameter of the rim, such as “25-662”. Or according to the French standard, which indicates the outer diameter of the tyre and the width of the corresponding rim, e.g. “700x23C”.