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The Scorpion™ Race Enduro M is the most versatile model in the Race Enduro range: it features a tread design specifically engineered for mixed terrains, from hardpacked tracks to mid-soft natural sections of the trails.



What's the secret to our tyres? Let's take a look at some of the motorsport-derived technologies applied to our cycling tyres


The SmartEVO DH Compound is the enduro and downhill racing specific formulation, born in the Pirelli motorsport compounding department thanks to the multi-year experience in the motocross and rally World Championships.

- Racing compound
- developed and approved by PRO riders
- supersoft (42 Shore A), temperature stable

The SmartEVO DH is Pirelli's most advanced compound ever, chosen by the best Downhill and Enduro PRO athletes.


DuallWALL is the special structure dedicated to enduro racing. The 120tpi double-ply carcass is combined with a rubber insert which reinforces the bead area, the most subject to pinch-flats.

The DualWALL construction is the choice of enduro riders who seek the maximum feeling with the ground without compromising on the famous double-ply construction reliability.

Scorpion™ Race Enduro M DualWALL Size 63-584 / Weight 1210gm / TPI 120 x 2 / Casing DualWALL / Compound SMARTEVO DH

Scorpion™ Race Enduro M DualWALL Size 63-622 / Weight 1260gm / TPI 120 x 2 / Casing DualWALL / Compound SMARTEVO DH