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Race Face set an industry benchmark with the SixC product group - a light and strong carbon DH rated crank and bar. Building on the unprecedented success of Race Face’s proprietary Carbon Technology program, SixC rewrites the rules in the 6-8 inch travel bike world. SixC (the C is silent) represents the culmination of years of Race Face engineering in both carbon and all mountain products. Race Face has created a bar for the aggressive rider who demands the ultimate in performance. Strong enough for DH, yet light enough to not hold you back on the pedal up to that new trail you have been hearing so much about, SixC blows up the limits of carbon performance.

  • SixC bars are manufactured with a leading-edge composite material which allows it to reach Race Face’s high strength requirements at an impressively low weight
  • Minimum bar width 710mm at indicated cut marks
  • Reinforced clamping zones for lock-on grip
  • Daily destructive testing from each production run ensures each bar meets the exacting standards set by Race Face engineers
  • 3/4" rise 20mm