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Wera Bicycle Set Torque 1 - Click Torque 1/4" 2.5-25 Nm 16 Piece Set

The 16-piece set from the screwdriving tool specialist Wera solves the most important screwdriving problems associated with bicycles, with reliable control of applied torque to protect sensitive components. With a click-torque wrench in the unmistakable Wera design.

Very robust design with high accuracy as per DIN EN ISO 6789-1: 2017-07. Easy setting and saving of the default values. The audible and tactile snapping on reaching the scale values also facilitates the safe setting of the desired torque values. The robust release mechanism guarantees a clearly audible and tactile trigger signal when the set torque is reached.

For clockwise torque-control and with a reversible 45-tooth ratchet. The torque wrench is extremely space-saving and supplemented with accessories that are suitable for the torque range and adapted to the most common screwed connections on bicycles; in a robust, surface-friendly textile box.

Incredibly compact arrangement for a lot of tools in a small space.Textile box with very high robustness and longevity.
Additional surface protection through the textile outer material. Low weight and volume for easier mobility. Bit sockets with all the benefits of Wera bit technology such as fitting accuracy, wear resistance and concentric run-out properties.


  • 16-piece wrench set for bicycle applications with torque control including Wera Clique-Torque wrench A 5 (2.5-25 Nm)
  • Sockets and bit sockets for the most popular screw profiles on road bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes
  • Easy setting and saving of the desired torque value with audible and tactile click when the scale value is reached (click 1)
  • Safely quantified force: when the set value is reached, the torque wrench triggers audibly and noticeably (click 2)Precise to ± 4% as per DIN EN ISO 6789-1:2017-07.



Click-Torque A 5 torque wrench
with reversible ratchet, 2.5-25 Nm

1x  1/4" x 2.5-25 Nm   

8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4" socket

1x   10 x 23 mm
1x   13 x 23 mm
1x   14 x 23 mm
1x   15 x 23 mm

8767 A TORX® Zyklop bit socket, 1/4" drive

1x   TX 10 x 28 mm
1x   TX 20 x 28 mm
1x   TX 25 x 28 mm
1x   TX 30 x 28 mm

8740 A HF Zyklop bit socket
with holding function, 1/4" drive

1x   3 x 28 mm
1x   4 x 28 mm
1x   5 x 28 mm
1x   5 x 100 mm
1x   6 x 28 mm
1x   6 x 100 mm
1x   8 x 28 mm

  Hook and Loop
 Fastener Strip 240 
1x 50x240mm